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To link to the banners, either download a copy of the banner to your server and link to it or link to it directly from our servers. See the codes associated with the banners or please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for help.

Please make sure you replace "AFFILIATE_ID" with your CCBill Affiliate ID in order to get credit for your sales!

You can either link directly to the movies using the image, or create a text link, or both. You can also download the movie and host it yourself if you wish. To download the movie, "Right-Mouse-Button" click and "Save Target As ..."

To Link to the Video, place the following link on your page
<a href=""></a>
Then put the following text link below the image
<a href="

To Link Using Just The Image
<a href="
&PA=AFFILIATE_ID&HTML="><img src=""></a>
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